Each gallery has the original full frame photo followed by the Photographers Crop (PC).  There may be more than one PC option and sometimes none if we took the perfect shot.  PCs will have the letter C at the end of the file name and a number following if more than one crop style.  File names are at the bottom left under each image.

You can crop the original to your liking before purchase or purchase the PC photo; they are priced the same.  Most PCs are cropped to 8 x 10 or 8 x 12 but they may be cropped to a custom size to best tell the story.  PCs may not fit all print format sizes without additional cropping which will change the image away from the Photographer's concept.  Or you can purchase the original Hi-Resolution Download to crop and print as you wish.

We only sell 8 x 10 or larger print sizes through our website.  If you wish for smaller sizes you will have to order the Download and have the smaller sizes printed by your local printer.  This is due to the cost of shipping being greater than the cost of the prints. After you click on the Buy button and select product type, when you point to the product size you would like, you will see that size imposed over the photo.  Once you click on the product you can then decide your own cropping and centering for you to adjust before ordering.

All prints and downloads are copyright free for personal use only.

A percentage of our earnings are paid to the team and sponsoring league or organization in consideration for access to the games.

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